Saturday, May 14, 2011

June 13th-July 11th....I will be closed!

My shop will be closed June 13th - July 11th 2011, due to the fact that I will be in New York at my son graduation and visiting family. I'm so excited that my oldest son is graduating high school and becoming a young man. I can't handle it at times but at least he's been blessed to have a mother that is still living, thank god for that! My mom didn't have the chance to see me graduate, god called her home at 33 yrs old and I was 16, so she missed my years of become a young lady, mother & wife. She didn't get a chance to see her grand children. But I know she's looking down from heaven.

My last day of taking orders is June 5th! If you have any unpaid invoices and pay them after June 5th, your order will not be processed until I get back from New York. That goes for ordering on the website as well. I will be working extra hard to make sure everyone's orders are processed immediately and shipped on time.

I have a bargain box link on my website, most of those items I will not be selling again.

Take care and stay blessed!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Fashion & Scents............

I've thought about this for a long time and I wanted awhile to see if anyone would've blogged about it and to my surprise, no one has done it yet. So I'm going to write about it.

I see a lot of people are into fashion and that's cool but they're forgetting something special and important, which is the way you SMELL! Yes, I said smell! People don't realize that when you dress up, you have to match your scent with your mood and clothes. I've been doing it for years and I've gotten compliments on it.

Here are a couple of examples:

If you are wearing dark color clothing during fall or winter, well your scent should be a musk or deep floral scent.

Bright color clothing during spring, your scent should be fruity, light floral, sweet type scents.

Light color clothing during summer, your scent should be light such as baby powder, green tea or a clean cotton scent.

It's fun to incorporate your scent with your clothing....

What do you think?