Thursday, September 29, 2011

Giving From Your Heart/ Pay It Forward

Have you ever seen someone in the street that look so unhappy and you wished you could do something to put a smile on their face?

Have you ever witness someone struggling just to make ends meet?

Do you know someone that doesn't have any family and they spend the holidays alone?

I can ask a million questions, but I won't! Lol.... But I will ask this, When was the last time you gave a complete stranger a gift from your heart? When was the last time you surprise someone with a gift and it made their day?

I've done it and let me tell you this, it felt good to see people light up with cheer.

I decided that I was going to Give A Gift From The Heart to someone that really needs it or to a complete stranger.

God has given me talent to use and I created a small business from that.

I'm putting together little gift baggies for the holiday and I'm going to make another person happy.

Do you know someone that would like a little token from the heart? Let me know...maybe I could help! I would love to be someones Secret Santa.

Friday, September 16, 2011

It's Ok To Say No!

I'm a kind person and I really don't mind helping others.
I'm happy people reach out to me to want to do reviews on my products.
I'm just going to get straight to the point.....

I've came across some bloggers & you-tubers that were really cool
and had a great following and I
kept my end of the deal by sending FREE sample products for you to do a review.

Well let's just say....It's Time To Pay!
I will no longer send FREE samples unless you are a VIP customer.
People don't realize that I don't get my inventory for free, I have to pay for everything I need for my business and I think it's wrong and unfair for some of these bloggers & you-tubers to take advantage of small business companies.

But everything we do in the world becomes a learning experience.
I've learned a lot!

If a blogger or you-tuber would like to do a review on my products, that's cool and I don't
have a problem with it but you would have to pay for shipping...

I love to see people support others but when it comes to taking advantage of them just to get free products....I'm not cool with that at all.

I check out everyone that sends me a request and you all have a great following list, I just don't understand your concept on being deceitful.

Have A Blessed Day!