Thursday, September 29, 2011

Giving From Your Heart/ Pay It Forward

Have you ever seen someone in the street that look so unhappy and you wished you could do something to put a smile on their face?

Have you ever witness someone struggling just to make ends meet?

Do you know someone that doesn't have any family and they spend the holidays alone?

I can ask a million questions, but I won't! Lol.... But I will ask this, When was the last time you gave a complete stranger a gift from your heart? When was the last time you surprise someone with a gift and it made their day?

I've done it and let me tell you this, it felt good to see people light up with cheer.

I decided that I was going to Give A Gift From The Heart to someone that really needs it or to a complete stranger.

God has given me talent to use and I created a small business from that.

I'm putting together little gift baggies for the holiday and I'm going to make another person happy.

Do you know someone that would like a little token from the heart? Let me know...maybe I could help! I would love to be someones Secret Santa.

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